Thursday, December 17, 2009

She Will Not Fall (lyrics)

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At the age of 2, sex abuse by lord knows who

Been given nightmares, being haunted by the clues

A face black by shadows was the one to misuse

Her lost of innocence she did not choose

Growing up she was afraid to touch

And would touch too much

Making candid dudes blush

Her secret was hush

All though she was a slut,

But never would bump and grind

But the fellas told them lines.

This little miss was freak in the sack

She let me hit from the back

They carry on with this and that

The truth is, she's just a cat with a lion's roar

She'd flirt hardcore but couldn't handle anymore

She loved the glamour, being the center of attention

Thought fund what's missing by false sexual intentions

Bringing dudes to submission

But the goodies she wasn't given

Angering the fellas by her misrepresentin'


But after a couple shots delinquents like to plot

They met up at the spot, a party with the jocks

She over by the DJ, shaken what she's got

It start to get think, the crowd was intense

She had a plastic cup with red punch in it

Sat it down for a minute, then took another sip

With her hand on her hip, she did a little dip

Her feet start to slip, and then receives a helping hand

From a young man, who had the ill plan

Takes her to the van, lays her in the back

She couldn't fightback, the strength she lacked

Her voice was intact, but low in amplitude

She couldn't believe, nightmares come true

A face black shadows, was the one to misuse

Her lost innocence, she did not choose.

ated, life force depleted

Meade like dough and best believe she was heated

Ready to rise with fire in her eyes

Take down the man violates the space between her thighs

Why oh why she ask, a good girl went to class

Good grades about to pass, on to the collegiate

But she feels incident, from events that were recent

Wish dude was lock up in the precinct

Can't bring her self to say what went down that day

Just wants it to fade away, like the moon with its rays

Meeting the blaze of the sun,

from the pain she couldn't run

Tried to hide behind the smile

But the overcast would come,

With a thunderous drum, lightning strikes her hopes

Knocked up against the ropes, against all odds

There's a fighter within, battlin' the suicide whisperings

False premonitions, evil renditions of the truth

Download the mp3, here


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