Saturday, November 28, 2009


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America's Next Top Model Citizen is missing!
Tell me have you seen them?

In front of their Tivo with instant replay at a push of a button
to delay strikes of reality

Its' a heavy hand force of nature uncontrollable, unpredictable

The remote will have you feeling other wise. 0 thru 9 digits CLICK!
More pundits spew views about who's in charge. CLICK!

Smoke mirrors mirage. CLICK!

To a theater near you CLICK! Step up part 2 CLICK! Soon to be released to DVD CLICK!

Step up part three CLICK! We get it white people can dance CLICK! and start getting real.

Because before the real world, there was the factitious.

Brazen bootylicious Barbies with portions you only see in dreams of boys age thirteen.

Who grow up to be what every parent wants in the family. A doctor.

The tailored kind to perform alterations to heavenly body dimensions.

Funny how dream become reality TV Dr. 9021 O MY GOD

is presented by a series of commercials. Shaky leg? Take a pill, CLICK!

Are you to sad? Take two pills, CLICK! VIVA VIAGRA CLICK!

Too happy? Call 911 because if its last longer than 3 hours, that's a sign of a serious problem. CLICK! you'll put an eye out Ralphy! CLICK! You can't see what I can see,

You're blind man you're blind to the facts!

Ahhh! Te-le-vision. The greatest distraction CLICK! Invention of the 20th century.

No longer are you bothered with the troublesome task

of "forming your own opinion" or "looking into the matter."

As a matter of fact, there are good and plenty news outlets

ready to supply your "ithought" of the day

download to your "ipod" right away

and you'll always have something intelligent to say.

Become Mr. & Mrs. Smith CLICK! Know-it-all.

Have all the answers to you friends problems

with our 30 second new coverage on all the major issues on today.

How to cook, how to eat, how to be sleek, how to cheat CLICK! repeat as president.

Don't forget weight loss, hair and lips gloss, the boycotts of stocks that pimp CLICK!

sell hip hop.

At no additional cost, lots and lots and lots of propaganda. CLICK!

Happy Pandas eating bamboo, at the zoo, Oh how cute.
For no sense a day, cause we charge by the month, all this persuasion CLICK! Entertainment

television is yours for just 100 hollers CLICK! dollars a month.

Order today with your inservant card CLICK! credit card

and you'll have a chance to win a fabulous trip to hell

CLICK! jail CLICK! Pandora's CLICK! box CLICK! para CLICK! dox CLICK! I CLICK! can't CLICK! turn it……off!


Now for the small print at the bottom of the screen that you only have two seconds to read.

Terms and restrictions apply, not valid in all states of mind. Please contact a physician before starting any freedom exercise program. The views of this poem do not necessarily reflect the views of the poet or do they reflect the views of the following sponsors: Apple, Macintosh, Pfeizer, Matel, Happy Panda, 21st century fox, Hershey's, and the Makers of the Christmas Story. Self promotion expires December 32nd thousand infinite.

Download the mp3, here


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