Thursday, November 19, 2009

Checker's Pawns

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Checker’s Pawns


Could rule the world if the block didn’t box me.

Ali my hopes. Jump for hoops, over ropes. Play the dope

It how we smart kids cope. Because no one wants to be the blunt end of jokes

So we Clinton our tokes. Act as Nasa Satellites, high than a mother fucker

Which means not a god damn thing, just seems to get me the attention of these

Samuel L Jackson fiends, who loving every fucking thing that much more

If it has more curses than a charmed witches convention.

I say fuck, though I’m a virgin. Shit when I got to piss.

Assholes when they act like tits, and motherfuckers when fathers don’t exist.

It don’t make since and since this block is a checkerboard we kings get jumped

These pawns don’t know what they could become.

They double up to rule and make power play moves to control a broken board walk

Rented to their care.

No room for independence you’re either here or overthere

And here is where ego clash and strike hammer’s to the back of caps. Bullets and knees.

Still duck when guns drum in triplet rhythms

Hold my head with the hands of mother who smother their child with love after being slaughtered.

Hold on baby! It’s ok baby! Lord! Please, don’t take my baby!

Crazy? This is demented.

To play into a life that will end with a sentence. Death or Prison

This world is a stage and I’m just trying to make it to the second act.

With moral character intact, but this play stays in intermission.

Screening calls avoiding the curtains.

I’m certain it has my number because I continue to play myself.

As lowdown, dumb down, un-profound, don’t know how to use verbs, adjectives, and pronouns

Cause I be chillin’ on the block. Flash a glock like a badge for respect.

Since these motherfuckers don’t respect intellect.

My thought? On my set. Check my brains at the door.

Better to lose my mine than have it spattered on the floor.

These actions I abhor, options? I keep asking, begging praying for more, but I only got one.

They say there is no future in frontin’ well my future relies on it.

So I stay high, like my grades. A-C-T hard on the boulevard.

Irregardless of regard for brauds, I brag about their good heads for college.

If I bluff well enough, I just may survive. Speed out of this neighborhood and fly

On a ship, that’s fully equip by my gifts of my conscious on stealth.

It flys higher than butterfly doors on a phantom

Menaces creed? Ride or Die. It their anthem.

So I sing along as pawn to get among a dawn upon a coast and toast

This day, as captain of my ship, king of my domain, but until then

Back to this block. Back to this game.


Desmond Spann
DLUX THE Spoken Word Emcee
copyright 2009



Download the mp3, here


Anonymous said...

youre so real , i love this words, your message is home , man thanks alot!!! mad love for you

kevin said...

i love this reasonable poem , love you brother

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