Friday, August 7, 2009

Time > $

You don't want the cash. You want the model chick.

You don't want the cheddar. You want the cow.

You don't want the doe. You want the bread,

a nice place to lay your dome, to protect your head from the harsh elements.

You want the feds in your back pockets instead of your wallet.

No matter how the judge slams it, or the ref calls it, you stay above the rim of laws.

The money you don't need, it's the milk and honey,

to silence the roar of monsters in your tummy

to provide yummies for the taste buds,

cause they always want a little taste of what's on your plate.

Despite what you ate in pre K and K, paper has no nutritional value.

This is a check to our values, cause no cash value is worth the avenue were on where popcorn shots strike hearts severely depart tomorrow's promise, today's innocent, and yesterday's bliss.

You don't want to sign checks, or checks delivered. You want respect.

Bones to quiver chills that shiver, spines when eyes gaze upon you.

That's power from your view.

You don't want dividends, exec benefits, and bonuses.

You want to go nuts, sip champagne through donuts

Watch a few butts as they strut on the nude beaches in Brazil.

See if they're fine for real. Feel thrills of hang glide winds, helmet strapped chin, boogie boardin', blow snortin' camera posin', with select chosen women.

So you can be like "Yeah, I boned them." Your boys will be like "You know you frontin'" and you're like "believe what you want then." And they're like "You serious?"

You want more than crazy, Eddie Murphy delirious times

You want federal pen security in your moments, you want Dalai Lama peace of mind

You want gang unity, without the fear, paranoia, lying, and crime.

You want eat-off-the-concrete-clean neighborhoods.

You want the James Brown "I Feel Good."

You want the "I look good for no damn reason."

And the "to look this good, must be treason."

You want the seasoning of life, the spices of seasons.

The "If I ruled the world" without the IF.

The I been around the world and I,I,I,.." got gifts and souvenirs.

You don't want the donations, you want "Let me be clear."

Here is the purpose, if you can dodge a wrench, no that's not it.

You can save a dime and spend a nickel, but you can't save time so spend a little, hour or two thinking about why you do what you do.

Money is a tool to build used by geniuses and fools with free will.

Lord willing, we get our ones, hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions.

I ask we pray and remember what we are building.


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