Friday, May 1, 2009


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You gotta breathe
You gotta breathe deep
You gotta breathe deep into your diaphragm, then exalt your plan at the summit of your lungs!

Your voice,
Your voice vibrates
Your voice vibrates & resonates with the fates of truth living in the essence of all manifestations of light.

Your voice speaks
Your voice speaks color to paint imagination within the outlines of dreams

Your voice screams
Your voice screams with rage and love for justice to touch our faces, wipe under our eyes, till we realize, its already here.

No need to fear while being afraid, if we're on the path of knights, to what we desire to be right, In battle at our moral heights

Your voice,
Your voice shouts,
Your voice shouts cries of the victorious

This glorious voice is ours, rejoice in the cross hairs, Light reflected glare burns out sight, bright white, before body slumps and falls outside a motel in Memphis.

This voice sends chills
This voice sends chills down the vertebrae of cupid struck lovers after ears drums bang sweet nothings,
sweet silence is a crime when you should be heard, This silence is death to the caged bird.

So speak to make hearts pound harder
than 2-stage double dap, a she tween's crush on the brothers Jonas,
or a pre-teen boy with a hand under the covers,

So speak, to make fools pay attention, to attract broken dollars to pay for it.
Cause nothing is free, of consequence,

Quench your thirst of knowledge, swallow your shock, then speak sense.

Then speak since your voice calms the raging sea of infant tears, caught in the wake of unplanned parenthood.
speak since the breathe of life was spoken into you
speak since your words are overdue, speak since your truth is the missing corner piece, to this 3-D hustle
Since children refer to this as the "What the hell did I do? When the hell did I do it? Is it too late to hide, a.k.a. the O' Shit!" Voice.
Speak since this voice gave them all their names and will say all their names to whip crack their behind (ass), back in line.
Speak some kind words when you don't deserve a promotion, your voice is call by nature's empathy to devotion
The world knows no season, only balance. Love needs no reason, only a champion.
Your voice brings the avalanche of piled up emotions, with the force of earthquakes and rolling thunder combined into one
free ride called Joy through hills and valleys.
Gladly arriving at its destination, Don't have any reservations, or any hesitations when making your declarations, to audience of one, or the billions in the world nations.
You are amazing in continuum, a maze, a modern day conundrum, as you hum so does galaxies, blasting fallacies, stars don't shoot, they glide gracefully, swiftly, without targets, without intents to kill, but only to show those willing to look, willing to have their world shook, flip upside down, and hear the wishing sound in the sands of time. Wishes call upon a star, hopes pray from afar. A voice brings the real actually, so stars wish upon this voice (spell it if you need the rhyme).

Download the mp3, here


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