Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Obama Post

I stayed up late to write this one. Sorry Marshelle :(

If you must know I am a supporter of Obama. He visiting Oregon this Friday and I plan to take my son to the rally. Isaiah will be missing school Friday for this, why you ask? Here's the first serious Black candidate for the U.S. Presidency and we have the chance to see him in person. Missing this would be like missing the march on Washington D.C., the "I have a Dream" Speech when you live two blocks away. If Barack Obama becomes the President of the United States, he would of accomplished something that I seriously believed that I wouldn't see in my lifetime. It's an emotional possibility and I want to be able tell the story to my grand kids about how we saw the first African American President.

One last note before I go to sleep, I'm not voting for Barack just because he is black. Since he is a black man I am more exciting and interested in the process. Of course it is silly to vote someone just based on their race or gender, but I will say this. It is human nature to be drawn to people of a similar nature. We create entire communities based on our similar beliefs and cultures. When your culture is under represented in the public discourse and the political process, and you see someone similar to you its natural that your support goes toward that person.

The rub is that the African American is often overly simplified. We see a darker complexion; the assumption is that we have the same beliefs. Answer this question, how many times have you felt like the ambassador for your race? Me, many times, at least daily, the only time I don't have this feeling is when I'm no longer the minority. This is when I'm in the black neighborhood. Despite the struggles that face these communities, it feels good to see a wide variety of people with the same skin color as mine.

It's this good feeling that adds to excitement for black folks in my opinion. For some all they need is the emotional charge to gets them voting for someone. So why am I voting for Obama, I FEEL he is committed to do what's best for the country. I say feel because all politicians say they want to do what's best for the people all they time, but I actually believe Barack Obama. I know I probably wouldn't agree with all of his decision but I feel his motives are in the right place. To make it simple, I trust the guy(him being black is just icing on the cake), but I leave room for disappointment. After all, at the end of the day, it's still politics, stupid!



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